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  • Move: Mouse
  • Shoot: Mouse RIGHT Button
  • Jump: SPACEBAR
  • Crounch: C

Tequila Zombies Unblocked Game

Tequila Zombies game actually centers across the world, which is full of werewolves, vampires, and mutant rats. Therefore, the ultimate objective is to get rid of all of them and survive as long as you really can. Tequila Zombies Unblocked is everything that the players want and look forward to within the genre of action game. Not to state that this fantastic game also has a lot of special character specialties, secrets, and upgrades.

To be specific, the Gameplay of this awesome action game is somehow just like the classic sidescroller. The hordes and hordes of zombies assault you in diverse waves from both sides of your screen. After you’ve gotten rid of all of them from both sides of your screen, you’ll then be directed to the following areas that you need to clear. What is more, not just can you collect all the cash while playing this game, but you can also pick up some weapons and very unique power-ups while fighting off these nasty creatures.

Such additional bonuses are extremely valuable since they can really assist you in getting rid of all the zombies more rapidly and evade being attacked again. An awesome thing about this game is that you can hit the Enter key for activating the special weapon you have collected, which is called the Tequila Shot. You can also make use of the cash you have collected while playing this fantastic action game for buying some new upgrades once you’ve gone to the new stages.

How Can You Play Tequila Zombies?

The following are a few of the basic keys that you can make use of for playing this amazing game:

  • The down arrow key or S button can be used for picking up the unique power-ups and weapons.
  • You can make use of A, D, or right and left arrow keys for moving right or left during the game.
  • You can make use of the Enter key for activating the special powers you have collected.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Don’t get close to the boss since the attack that it carries out can decrease the HP significantly.
  • Buy different upgrades for possessing the more powerful weapons.
  • Make use of the up arrow key or W button for making use of the gun as your weapon when all the zombies are very close to you.

The Bottom Line:

Tequila Zombies is definitely the game you’re searching for in the action shoot-em-up game. The game’s unblocked version can really make you get addicted to it in a magical manner.

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