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  • Aim: Mouse
  • Shoot: Mouse RIGHT Button
  • Reload: R
  • Change fire mode: F
  • Change weapon: 1, 2

The Dead Zed Unblocked Game

Shoot down the zombies, organize different search parties to search for any survivors and new weapons, manage the entire group for repairing and defending the safe house in the shooter-based action-packed off the hit Dead Zed Unblocked game with millions of plays. 

The dead are now coming back to life; they are the ultimate monsters that are driven by hunger. It is now time to sharpen the shooting skills as you battle for surviving horde after horde of zombie attacks. Have you really got all that it really takes to survive?

Select The Weapons

You would not go walking into such a zombie apocalypse without any weapon! So, to unlock and upgrade different weapons, comprising sniper rifles, machine guns, crossbows, handguns, and much more! Build your ultimate arsenal of armaments that any true survivor of such a zombie apocalypse ought to have. In every round, you can carry up to 2 weapons. So select wisely!

Unlock New Locations

Nowhere is now safe! To complete every location and move onto the new locations by unlocking them as you look for the safe haven. Begin in the once-peaceful communities and move onto the different new locations comprising an industrial neighborhood, an abandoned city, eerie farms, and beyond! At every location, you have to protect the base from being infiltrated by hordes of zombies.


Every survivor has their own skill-set. Make use of them very wisely when going to parties. Have at least somebody with higher fighting skills in the search party; it’ll add to the chances of survival for your whole party.


  • Make use of the R button for reloading
  • You can make use of your mouse for looking and shooting
  • The F key can be used for changing the firing mode
  • 1, 2 for changing your weapons
  • You can use the M button for mute

Fight For Your Survival:

Surviving this zombie apocalypse would not be simple. Have you really got all that it takes for defeating the hordes of zombies? Download the game now to find out!

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